Bridging the gap between industry & academia

Oppstop is providing companies with career counseling, job references, screening of applications, and career mapping. We ensure that the student accomplish the most fitting jobs and job-related advises, and employers find the perfect match for the Job description.


How are we assisting businesses?

Businesses all around the globe are benefiting from Oppstop's services for securing talented students with inventive insights and state-of-the-art perspectives. We are catering to the needs of the current fluctuating economy of the world with commitment, integrity, and growth.

Strict filtration

The data provided by hires is run through corresponding algorithms for finding the compatible and qualified candidate for visa readiness, aptitudes and job-specific skills.

Enthusiastic candidates

Recommending the most self-motivated, innovative and competent candidates

Talent acquisition, Simplified

AI (artificial intelligence) powered and DCCA regulated platform streamlining the talent acquirement process


The world's first
Student's platform helping
universities businesses
accelerate growth


How are we facilitating students?

Our platform enables and empowers students to identify and sharpen their skillset and learn to employ those for earning money and experience during their educational career.


Search for jobs that match your skills, knowledge, aptitude and professional goals


Virtually managed resume's and applications


The weekend, evening and holiday jobs and long/short term internships that we are providing you with are flexible enough to accommodate your personal and educational commitments.


We assist you in CV generation, track your application and facilitate you with free resources such as templates and guides for ensuring your success.


All the job listed on and searchable through our platform are well-paid.


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